A lure made by a fisherman is better than two made by someone else

White Oak lures are one of the industry’s most versatile, effective bass-catching lures. Tested year-round and all over the country, White Oak baits are incredibly effective and can be used just about anywhere.

Spinner Bait

Spinner bait is a type of lure that consists of a weighted head and a spinning blade or blades.

Buzz Bait

This sound is irresistible to those monster bass and other predatory fish, making it a fantastic choice for good old fishermen looking to land bigger catches.

Vibrating Jigs, AKA Knocker Heads

We have used our knowledge and experience to create jigs that are effective at catching bass and that are visually appealing.

Finesse Jigs

These jigs are especially effective at catching bass and other game fish and have been trusted by fishermen for years.




Quality is king when selecting baits, which is why white oak baits are handmade and poured on a razor-sharp eagle claw hook. The premium skirting of our ozark-made baits is second to none. Search our extensive collection of spinner, knocker head, finesse, and buzz bait lure styles.


White Oak Bait Company is backed by decades of experience. Using only the highest quality materials, we have created a collection of championship lures. Whether engaging in open-water summer fishing on arkansas’ lake dardanelle or ice fishing off minnesota’s north shore, our baits will never leave you empty-handed.


We have been designing and creating custom lures for decades and continue to innovate. Every year we refine and test our new and existing lures. We value the input from our prostaff, professional fishermen, and experienced enthusiasts. Our best is never good enough. We desire to improve constantly. Check out our collection of buzz bait, jig, swim, and spinner baits for yourself.


Every jig, spinner, and fishing lure is tested in-house and powder-coated with a super hard, durable finish. Time after time, fishermen like you rely on white oak bait to reel in a big catch!